Circuit 3

Circuit 3

Circuit 3 (São Jorge) aims to introduce the island of São Jorge in the Azores in general, passing in the main points of interest and viewpoints.

Place of beginning and end: 

Municipality of Calheta São Jorge Island – Azores

Estimated duration:

 7/8 hours

Lunch Included: 


Description of the Circuit:

-Beginning of the Circuit in Vila da Calheta – São Jorge.

-Stop at Miradouro da Calheta, overlooking Calheta Village, South Coast of the Island and Pico São Jorge Channel.

-Passage in Ribeira Seca

-Stop at Fajã dos Vimes, with a visit to Local Handicrafts, where the Famous Bedspreads and Coffee Tasting of Fajã dos Vimes, produced locally and known as the only coffee production in Europe, are produced.

-Passage in the Serra do Topo.

-Stop at the Miradouro das Pedras Brancas, overlooking the Ribeira Valley of Fajã de São João.

-Stop at Fajã de São João Miradouro, overlooking the South Coast of the Island, Fajã de São João and Canal Pico São Jorge (When the circuit is made with a 51-seat bus, this stop can not be made due to the size of the vehicle) .

-Passage in São Tomé, Santo Antão and Vila do Topo.

-Stop at one of the Cheese Production Cooperatives of São Jorge, with visit and proof of the Cheese (Optional).

-Stop at Pontinha do Topo, overlooking Ilha do Ilha, Ilha Terceira and Ilha Graciosa.


-Passage in the Small North.

-Stop at Miradouro do Norte Pequeno, overlooking the North Coast, Fajã dos Cubres (Winner of the 7 Wonders of Portugal Competition in the category of Aldeias do Mar) and Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo, one of the main Fajãs de São Jorge, classified such as Nature Reserve and Special Ecological Area.

-Passage in Ribeira da Areia

-Passage in the Great North.

-Stop at Miradouro do Norte Grande, overlooking the North Coast, Fajã do Ouvidor and Fajã da Ribeira da Areia.

-Passage in Santo António and Toledo.

-Stop at the Forest Park of the Seven Fountains, one of the main natural parks of the Island.

-Stop at Pico da Velha Miradouro, overlooking the Rosais Parish, Mouros das Velas, Top of the Island, Pico São Jorge and Faial Island.

-Passage in the parish of Rosais.

-Stop at Miradouro de São Pedro, overlooking the Moors of Velas, Pico São Jorge Channel, Faial Island and Freguesia dos Rosais.

-Passage in Vila das Velas

-Visit to the Casa Museu Cunha da Silveira (Optional).

-Start of the Return Trip.

-Stop at Ribeira do Almeida viewpoint, overlooking the village of Velas, Pico São Jorge and Faial Island.

-Passage in Queimada.

-Passage in Urzelina.

-Stop and Visit to the Church Tower in Urzelina.

-Crossing the Herds

-Stop at the Church of Santa Barbara, the only Monument in the Azores that is classified as National Heritage.

-Stop at Fajã das Almas viewpoint, overlooking Fajã das Almas and Pico São Jorge Channel.

-Stop at Miradouro das Manadas, overlooking the Herds, Terreiros and Urzelina and the Pico São Jorge Channel.

-Crossing the Biscoitos.

-End of the Circuit in the Municipality of Calheta – São Jorge.

Stops and Optional Visits:
-Visit and Tasting of Cheese of São Jorge in the respective Cooperatives of Production. -Visit to the Casa Museu Cunha da Silveira
Type of Vehicle to Use:
-The type of vehicle to be used depends on the number of passengers to be carried, the circuits can be made with vehicles of 4, 8, 15, 20 and 52 Places.
Path / Personalization Changes:
-Sometimes changes can be made to the course for various reasons, such as: works, dimensions of the vehicle, weather conditions, breakdowns, customer request, etc. -Circuits can also be fully customizable according to customer's wishes