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A Little About Us

We are a new company located in São Jorge Island in the Azores with a series of activities related to tourism, namely travel agency, tourist animation, tours, transfers, taxi service, excursions, transportation, etc.

Why Suspension Bridges?

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Transfer 4

(Circuit 8 – São Jorge) – Rail Lourais to Fajã dos Vimes or Lourais to Fajã de São João: Transfer 4 aims to take the customer to the Lourais (middle…

Transfer 3

(Circuit 7 – São Jorge) – Fajã dos Vimes trail / Fajã de São João: Transfer 3 aims to take the customer to the beginning of the Fajã dos Vimes…

Transfer 2

(Circuit 6 – São Jorge) – Pico das Caldeirinhas: Transfer 2 aims to take the customer to the area of ​​Pico das Caldeirinhas, also known as Pico do Pedro, where…

Circuit 4

Circuit 4 (São Jorge) aims to introduce the main Fajã do Norte Viewpoints, namely Fajã dos Cubres, winners of the 7 Wonders of Portugal Competition in the category of Villages…

Circuit 3

Circuit 3 (São Jorge) aims to introduce the island of São Jorge in the Azores in general, passing in the main points of interest and viewpoints. Place of beginning and…

Circuit 2

Circuit 2 (São Jorge) has the objective to show the main points of interest and viewpoints of the counties of Velas and Calheta of the Island of São Jorge Azores.…

See Nature in a new way

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Make your own Adventure

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Family friendly Tours

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The Island of Fajãs


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“Walking around the island of São Jorge is like admiring the plotted land for subsistence agriculture. It is in São Jorge that you can see more islands – Pico, Faial, Terceira and Graciosa – and all at the same time. São Jorge was without a doubt the unforgettable moment of our trip to the Azores”
Helena P.
“Last month in April I took a bus tour with this company. They were all spotless. It was a fantastic day in São Jorge Island.”
Alice L.
"Thanks for everything. We had 2 amazing days on the island! Thank you very much!"
Elena K.
"Super beautiful, well done! If you are looking for a magical and romantic place then this is a great place to go! I’d recommend this to anyone who loves a good adventure!"
Amy Johnson


Cruz Nova, Nº 22 Calheta - São Jorge 9850-068 CALHETA (SÃO JORGE) AÇORES

24 hours open